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Private Schools Form An Important Part Of B.C.’s School System

Vancouver Sun – October 28 2018 – Dr. Beth Green – It’s about time we recognized a simple fact about B.C. education. The province’s independent schools are a positive complement to public schools. read more

Many Choosing Independent Schools

Toronto Sun – September 9 2018 – Deani VanPelt – “Every year, a smaller share of Ontario students heads back to their locally-assigned public or Catholic separate school and more and more students head off to an independent school. Not only are independent school enrolments growing, the growth in the number of independent schools in Ontario is astounding.

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Why Ontario Needs Its Religious Schools

February 26 2018 – Ottawa Citizen – Deani Van Pelt – The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has come out with some bad advice that would disproportionately hurt Ottawa

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PC Party Proposes Flexible Child Care Plan

April 29 2018 – Toronto Sun – Liz Braun – “a new tax rebate that will help cover child care expenses regardless of whether that care is a licensed daycare, a nanny, an after-school program or a babysitter. The choice will be up to the parents”

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Cutting Funding For Private Schools ‘Short-Sighted’

February 21 2018 – CBC News – Josee St. Onge – “The Edmonton public school board’s call to phase out funding for private schools is stirring up an old debate about the role of private education in Alberta. Parents and educators say private schools fill gaps in the education system.”

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Here Comes The 24/7 Classroom

January 4 2018 – Convivium – Peter Stockland – Will private tutoring re-configure learning?

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Majority of Canadians Support Public Funding For Religious Schools, Study Finds

December 14, 2017 – National Post – Graeme Hamilton – As debate over religious schools continues in Canadian courts and legislatures, a new poll has found that 61 per cent of Canadians support full or partial public funding for faith-based schools.

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Sweden Provides Lessons On How To Increase Accessibility For Low And Middle-income Parents To More School Choice

November 15 2016 – Fraser Institute – Gabriel Heller Sahlgren – Amid continued calls in some provinces to reduce or even eliminate government funding of independent schools, policymakers could look to Sweden and its full government funding model that increases school choice for parents, particularly modest-income families, finds a new study by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

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The Facts Behind Private Schools In Alberta

August 17 2016 – Tory Media – Derek J. Allison – Public funding for private schools continues to be a hot topic in Alberta. As argued in a recent Edmonton Journal opinion piece, some want to eliminate all financial support for private schools. But what are the facts?

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Increased School Choice in Ontario ‘Long Overdue’ As Province Is ‘Falling Behind’: Report

November 19 2015 – National Post – Ashley Csanady – “We are just falling behind. School choice has been one of the major and perhaps the most potent education-reform initiatives that has been adopted very very widely around the world,” said Allison, emeritus professor in the education faculty at The University of Western Ontario. Studies show it can improve both student achievement and parental satisfaction.”

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