Do Ontario Private Schools Get A Bad Rap?

September 4 2014 – The Inside Agenda Blog (Steve Paikin) – Mark Brosens – Derek J. Allison is a professor emeritus at Western University’s Faculty of Education who today released a report on private education in Ontario for Cardus, a think tank that describes itself as “dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture.” Allison writes: Rather than being viewed and treated as contributing partners in Ontario’s educational project, the province’s non-public schools and their supporters seem to be barely tolerated by the educational establishment and influential opinion leaders.”

Allison thinks that we should follow the recommendations of the 1985 Shapiro Report (or theReport of the Commission on Private Schools in Ontario). This almost forgotten report looked for a logical way forward for private education as the provincial government absorbed Ontario’s then-private Catholic high schools. The report called for: a statutory definition of what is satisfactory instruction for private schools; private schools being given the first opportunity to buy old public school buildings; and public grants for private school transportation and educational materials.

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COVID-19 Professional Development Series: Leading Schools to Success Through Uncertainty


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Credit Granting High Schools: Preparing Pre-Inspection Materials for Submission to the Ministry

Are you planning to open a new high school in September? Do you have questions about your pre-inspection materials that must be submitted to the Ministry of Education?
Join us for this information session and Q&A.

Date; Friday, July 10th, 2020
Time: 11 - 12pm
Cost: $100

Payment instructions and link to webinar will be provided upon registration.

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OFIS Webinars on Basecamp

Throughout the covid-19 school closures we are offering free webinars and video conferences to support our members trough this challenging time. Topics and schedules can be found on our members forum on Basecamp.

Interested in becoming an OFIS member? Contact us now for information!

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Fed up families exploring private school options



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Independent Schools Should Be Encouraged, And Ontario Should Fund Them

Hamilton Spectator - November 4 2018 - Doug Sikkema & Dr. Beth Green - Far from the common misconceptions, these private schools are helping young Ontarians become more socially engaged and more generous

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