OFIS Responds To Auditor-General’s Report On Private School Oversight


December 12 2013 – Barbara Bierman – OFIS Executive Director – News Release
OFIS welcomes the provincial auditor-general’s report on the oversight of private
schools.  Having participated in the audit this past September, OFIS expected many recommendations that might improve the relationship between private schools and the public.

“It was shocking to read in the report that there are schools that do not register and report properly to the Ministry,” says Barb Bierman, Executive Director of OFIS, “but it was more shocking to read the number of circumstances under which the Ministry does not follow-through with legislated expectations that would only improve the image of the private school industry in the public eye.  When they use inconsistent procedures and do not impose deadlines for reporting, they erode public confidence in these schools unnecessarily.”

“By reading the Ministry of Education’s responses to
the auditor-general’s report, there is a sense that this government has interpreted
Section 16 of The Education Act in a very minimalist manner choosing instead to
focus only on the students who are in publicly funded schools,” says Bierman, “and
clearly anything that could be construed as government support for the students
who are in private schools will not be considered as action items. Despite the
desires of the private school sector for greater public accountability,
perception problems are likely to continue due to the government’s prevailing attitude
toward private education.”


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