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September 23 2015 – Feature – Globe & Mail – When it comes to making decisions about sending your child to an independent school, the choices can be overwhelming. The Globe offers a variety of topics to consider….

Dollars In Search Of Diversity – Schools Offer Needs & Merit-Based Financial Aid To Attract A Range Of Students Who Could Not Otherwise Afford To Attend

Back To Basics – Primer Answers The Most Asked Questions When It Comes To Private School Education (OFIS Interviewed In This Article)

Full Stem Ahead – How A Single-Gender Environment Can Lead Girls To Choose A Career In Sciences, Technology, Math & Engineering

Looking Back – Eminent Canadians With A Variety Of Backgrounds Who Attended Private Schools Reflect On The Sometimes Surprising Ways That Their Educations Affected The Directions They Took In Life

Too Much Homework? – Homework Has Its Fair Share Of Proponents And Opponents, Owing In Part To The Lack Of Research Consensus

Get The Giggles Out – From Stuffed Toys To Creative Songs, Educators Approach Sex-Ed Classes With Innovative Methods

Under The Microscope – In Lab Schools, Learning In Classrooms Benefits Students And Researchers

Global Outlook – International Schools Teach The World In Canada

Read The Fine Print – Don’t Be Caught Off Guard By Extra Costs Or Volunteer Expectations

Pre-School Choices – Early-Learning Schools Create An Environment To Address The Whole Person


OFIS Workshops - GTA - Managing Student Stress & Anxiety

October 25 2017 - 9:00am-4:00pm - GTA - Venue TBA Our full day workshop on managing student stress and anxiety will introduce teachers and administrators to key concepts and techniques necessary to assist their students in managing their stress and anxiety enabling greater classroom engagment.

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OFIS Fall Learning Day - GTA - Innovation In Education

October 20 2017 - 9:00am-4:00pm - GTA - Venue TBA Our Fall Learning Day focusing on innovation in education will introduce teachers AND administrators to the tools and ways of thinking necessary to conceptualize and cultivate a culture of innovation across their school community and to practically employ innovative tools in the classroom.

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OFIS Elementary & Secondary Workshops - Mathematics

Friday October 13 2017 - Elementary Panel - 9:00am-4:00pm - GTA - Venue TBA Monday October 30 2017 - Secondary Panel - 9:00am-4:00pm - GTA - Venue - TBA Our full day workshops on mathematics will be fantastic opportunities for math teachers in elementary and middle schools (October 13) and those in secondary schools (October 30) to enhance their approach to instructional design and strengthen student performance in math!

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Sweden Provides Lessons On How To Increase Accessibility For Low And Middle-income Parents To More School Choice

November 15 2016 - Fraser Institute - Gabriel Heller SahlgrenAmid continued calls in some provinces to reduce or even eliminate government funding of independent schools, policymakers could look to Sweden and its full government funding model that increases school choice for parents, particularly modest-income families, finds a new study by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

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Independent Schools In British Columbia: Myths & Realties

September 20 2016 - Barbara Mitchell Centre For Education Improvement - This study finds that despite frequent claims to the contrary, independent schools do not drain resources from public schools, but in fact, the elimination of the partial funding of independent schools would likely increase the strain on public schools and on B.C. taxpayers. 

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