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Heritage Academy

School Address: 207 Bayswater Avenue
Mailing: 207 Bayswater Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2G5
Phone: 613-722-0133
Admin: Principal, Cheryl Ward
OFIS ID#: 151110G
School Contact: Cheryl Ward

 Private school for students with dyslexia, ADD & ADHD. Small class sizes. Individualized Educational Plans for students with learning exceptionalities

Additional Association:
Years In Operation: 28
Grades: Grades 1 - 12
Average Tuition Cost: $14,600 - $16,000

Current NOI/DNL: Yes
General Liability Insurance: No
Standardized Testing: Yes
Policies Published & Available: Yes
Tuition Agreements Signed: Yes
Fax: 613-722-7881
Enrollment: 98
Members of OCT: Yes
Background Checks (Staff & Volunteers): Yes
OFIS/YORK PSP Courses: Yes
OFIS School Management Review: No