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Turnbull School

School Address: 1132 Fisher Avenue
Mailing: , Ottawa, ON, K1Z 6P7
Phone: 613-729-9940
Admin: Administrator, Director/Owner - Gareth Reid
OFIS ID#: 171009G
School Contact: Buddy Clinch (Junior School Principal-Owner) or Craig Dunn (Senior School Principal-Owner)

Turnbull School is dedicated to academic excellence in a caring environment. Students benefit from highly qualified, dedicated teachers, small class size, daily physical education, effective organization and study skills, enhanced French, award winning science, dynamic music, visual arts and drama programs, intramural and extra-curricular sports, clubs, and modern facilities. Our character and leadership development programs enhance the school culture of caring, excellence and engagement.

Additional Association:
Years In Operation: 26
Grades: JK - Grade 8
Average Tuition Cost: $18,900 (JK/SK) $20,850 (1 to 8)

Current NOI/DNL: Yes
General Liability Insurance: Yes
Standardized Testing: Yes
Policies Published & Available: Yes
Tuition Agreements Signed: Yes
Fax: 613-729-1636
Enrollment: 350
Members of OCT: Yes
Background Checks (Staff & Volunteers): Yes
OFIS/YORK PSP Courses: Yes
OFIS School Management Review: No