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Rockway Mennonite Collegiate

School Address: 110 Doon Street
Mailing: 110 Doon Street, Kitchener, ON, N2G 3C8
Phone: 519-743-5209
Admin: Principal, Ann Schultz
OFIS ID#: 012813G
School Contact: Ann Schultz

Rockway Collegiate is a Christian educational community within the Anabaptist/Mennonite faith tradition and linked to the congregations of the Mennonite Conference Eastern Canada. It provides opportunities for youth to integrate sound academic learning with growth in character, faith and service to God and all creation in a setting where personal worth and corporate responsibility are taught and lived daily

Additional Association:
Years In Operation: 71
Grades: Grades 7 - 12
Average Tuition Cost: $16,050 - $23,000

Current NOI/DNL: Yes
General Liability Insurance: Yes
Standardized Testing: Yes
Policies Published & Available: Yes
Tuition Agreements Signed: Yes
Fax: 519-743-5935
Enrollment: 270
Members of OCT: Yes
Background Checks (Staff & Volunteers): Yes
OFIS/YORK PSP Courses: Yes
OFIS School Management Review: No