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Guelphites Like Choice When It Comes To Schools

January 19 2015 – Bob Moore – Guelph Mercury – Guelph is known as a city that values alternatives. Alternative medicine practitioners thrive in Guelph. Community endeavours and co-ops exist in all the major market sectors, most notably Co-operators Insurance. So it should be no surprise that Guelph also hosts quite a few independent schools totalling almost 1,000 students.

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B.C. Model Of School Funding Makes Sense For Ontario

September 29 2014 – Christina Blizzard – Toronto Sun – Fraser Institute Researcher Deani Van Pelt said Ontario could save $1.9 billion annually if it adopted the B.C. funding model, which only fully funds anglophone and francophone public schools — and provides 50% funding for Catholic and other religious and independent schools. Startling new figures in the newest report from The Fraser Institute

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Cardus Makes The Case For School Choice

September 4 2014 – Fresh North American data and a provocative new research paper from an esteemed Ontario academic clinch the argument for making school choice a key part of educational policy for the public good.

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Seeking School Choice (And Not Just For Catholics)

September 5 2014 – National Post – Chris Selley – “Politically speaking, the system will become too absurdly anachronistic and unfair for even dozy Ontarians to ignore. And at that point there will be a choice at hand: Does Ontario merge the public and Catholic systems or as many activists and provincial greens support? Or does it widen the choice, as BC and other provinces do?

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Do Ontario Private Schools Get A Bad Rap?

September 4 2014 – The Inside Agenda Blog (Steve Paikin) – Mark Brosens – Derek J. Allison is a professor emeritus at Western University’s Faculty of Education who today released a report on private education in Ontario for Cardus, a think tank that describes itself as “dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture.” Allison writes: Rather than being viewed and treated as contributing partners in Ontario’s educational project, the province’s non-public schools and their supporters seem to be barely tolerated by the educational establishment and influential opinion leaders.”

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Private Schools: A Revolution In Global Education?

March 30 2014 – Toronto Star – Charles Kenny –
In developing countries, private schools are a big deal, too, and they play a very different role: for just cents a day, they are giving some of the world’s very poorest children a chance to escape the absolute deprivation their parents have suffered their whole lives.  And by showing what can be achieved in schools where teachers actually make an effort to teach and where principals actually care about results, they are laying the basis for a revolution in global education.

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What Is Standing In The Way Of School Choice?

March 1 2014 – OFIS ED Barbara Bierman Speaks To The Manning Networking Conference Organized By The Manning Centre For Building Democracy –
During a panel on school choice and what stands in the way of it here in Ontario, Barb Bierman identifies 3 groups with responsibility – 2 of them are easy to guess, but the third might surprise…

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Bill 143 – Impact For Private School Early Learning Programs

February 20 2014 – Private School Owners & Operators Meet Regularly To Respond To Bill 143 –

Bill 143, the Child Care Modernization Act , was tabled by the provincial government on December 3 2014. It began debate on February 18 2014.  There is opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback to the government on this bill before March 14 2014 and opposition parties are also looking to hear from those affected. Parents deserve real choice. Private schools are committed to offering the best, highest quality education that parents require. Private schools are happy to be part of a public consultation process on a bill that really works to keep kids safe.

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OFIS Responds To Auditor-General’s Report On Private School Oversight


December 12 2013 – Barbara Bierman – OFIS Executive Director – News Release
OFIS welcomes the provincial auditor-general’s report on the oversight of private
schools.  Having participated in the audit this past September, OFIS expected many recommendations that might improve the relationship between private schools and the public.

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Auditor-General Releases Report On Government Oversight Of Private Schools

December 10, 2013 – Auditor-General of Ontario –
Audit’s objectives were to assess whether the Ministry had adequate procedures in place to:
*assess the effectiveness of private schools in providing satisfactory instruction
ensure compliance with the Education Act and related ministry policies.

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