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OFIS Corrects Misinformation In Toronto Star Stories

November 30 2013 – Barbara Bierman – OFIS Executive Director – News Release
OFIS rejects the idea that children in early learning programs at private schools are in
danger and that those schools have no accountability. In order to receive and
maintain a BSID number, Board School Identification Number, all private schools
must file an annual Notice of Intention To Operate A Private School which requires them to report on all criteria established in the Education Act, including the number of children who are beneath the compulsory school age of six years.

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Ontario To Close Private School Loophole

December 3 2013 – Toronto Star – Marco Chown Oved
“In legislation to be introduced Tuesday (December 3), the minority Liberal government will be making several changes to the Day Nurseries Act, which governs all child care in the province.

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Ontario Private School And Storefront Daycares Operate In Legal Loophole

November 30 2013 – Toronto Star – Marco Chown Oved
“Until 1993, preschool programs affiliated with private schools could exist without having to be licensed as a daycare. The government closed the loophole that year, but allowed existing programs to continue operating without a daycare licence.”

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The Bush Brother Everyone’s Watching Now

November 7 2013 – Inside Agenda Blog – Steve Paikin
Florida Governor Jeb Bush was in town at the end of October talking about education reform. After he became governor in 1999, he discovered he’d taken over a sclerotic education system that was failing kids, dominated by unions, and suffering from the tragedy of low expectations.

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Doing Away With The Honour Roll & Award System In Schools Is Absurd

November 3 2013 – The HuffPost Living Canada

No more honour roll. No more awards ceremonies. While it may only be Calgary’s St. Basil School in the spotlight now, there is little doubt that countless other schools and districts will — or have already — taken active steps to eliminate all evidence that the world is in fact a competitive place, and that performance is variable.

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About The MOE Orientation Sessions – New Private Schools Manual

Dave Bird – OFIS Professional Development Coordinator

On Thursday, October 24th, 2013, I had the pleasure of attending the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Private Schools Unit’s London Regional Information Session, regarding the newly released (September 2013) Private Schools Policy and Procedures Manual.

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Relax! Nothing Really New About The ‘New’ Private Schools Policy & Procedures Manual!

Dave Bird – OFIS Professional Development Coordinator

Late in August, 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Education Field Services Branch quietly released a Private Schools Policy and Procedures Manual online. At 115 pages, it’s certainly the lengthiest document that we’ve ever seen, but it’s nothing new.

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Debating The Merits Of Independent School Funding

CBC’s The 180 With Jim Brown 

invited special guests David King, former Alberta Education Minister and Barb Bierman, OFIS Executive Director to debate the merits of independent school funding on his show.  read more

Rights Without Responsibilities – The Final Chapter

This is the 3rd part of a blog that appeared in OFIS E-news recently.
Dave Bird – OFIS Professional Development Coordinator –

“So I got me two strikes,” he said to reporters standing about, “but you quote me that I’ll still go to bat, for three strikes and you’re out.” (Roy Zimmerman)

So, after two strikes in Parts I and II, just how do we avoid striking out before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal? One answer lies in Section 18 of the Act:
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Rights Without Responsibilities

*This is the 2nd part of a blog that appeared in OFIS E-news recently.
Dave Bird – OFIS Professional Development Coordinator –

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