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Our story began with two lawyers, both having trained at major law firms and both having worked long stints as Vice President, Legal with major companies. Joe and Rubsun were two over-achieving, over-wrought lawyers, working 100-hour+ /a week. They wanted to continue doing what they were passionate about – helping businesses solve their legal issues – yet they both understood that they needed to re-imagine the legal services industry in order to do so. The light bulb came on and Cognition LLP was born. It flourished for many years before becoming Caravel Law in 2016 following an exciting transaction.

In January 2016, Cognition LLP announced the reorganization of its business to align more specifically to its two primary customer lines: larger corporations with legal departments (General Counsel Clients) and small/medium enterprises without in-house legal counsel (SME Clients). Axiom Cognition focuses on Canadian General Counsel Clients and Caravel Law, concentrates on SME, Start-Up and high growth Clients. Both Axiom Cognition and Caravel share the mission of providing innovative, cost effective legal services and technology-enabled solutions to their respective client bases.

Whether a company retains a traditional law firm or hires full-time, for most start-ups and smaller companies who need to make every dollar count these options are just too expensive. For many, legal advice is too remote, and too theoretical to be of any practical business value.

Working with Caravel Law saves the average business tens of thousands of dollars each year. None of the money spent goes towards pinstripe suits, imported stogies or corporate jets. Rather, we maintain a small staff and a modest office space so that we can pass along the savings to our clients.

Many organizations face constant headcount and budgetary pressures, and smaller companies and start-ups have limited resources for their legal budget. That’s why we work for you, only when and as you need us, on-site or off-site. Whether it’s as fractional, de facto in-house counsel, supplanting outside counsel, temporary counsel during crunch time or project-based counsel.

We maintain a modest (but fun!) office. We don’t have a priceless art collection and we do not take clients to the opera or sporting events (although we are happy to go with you if you invite us!). These measures mean than we pass the savings on to you because we find our clients are more impressed by the fact that they get meaningful commercial and corporate legal counsel from seasoned, business-minded lawyers for a fraction of the cost of BigLaw.

Making Caravel Law part of your team eliminates the overhead and inefficiencies you would pay for with a traditional firm and the recruiting, fixed expenditures and risks associated with hiring in-house counsel. You get top-tier legal advice you can trust, without the high price tag. We also go the extra mile by regularly connecting clients and contacts for partnering opportunities and suggest referrals for employment, consulting or financing needs – and you get that for free!

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