Achievements & On-Going Projects

OFIS is proud to work in partnership with other independent school associations and with provincial and educational agencies on all education issues but particularly on issues affecting independent schools, their students, employees and families

  1. Helped to Obtained GST Exemption on tuition payments. Assisted with negotiations in co-operation with the Federation of Independent Schools of Canada (FISC)(1988)
  2. Participated in health care funding negotiations which prepared the groundwork for extension of health benefits within independent schools (2000)
  3. Supported the 1992 Supreme Court of Ontario case and ruling that acknowledges that the rights of independent school parents were being violated
  4. Acted as partners in the 1995 Supreme Court of Canada case which resulted in a ruling that the Ontario Government could support independent schools without infringing on the constitutionally guaranteed rights granted to Roman Catholic schools under the Education Act of 1867
  5. Initiated policy discussions between the Ministry of Education and the Home-schooling groups for greater recognition
  6. Worked with other independent school associations to negotiate the tax credit criteria (2001) under the brief Equity in Education Tax Credit
  7. Established the Independent School Principals’ Course to provide resources to school leaders on running a school as an effective business
  8. Established the Independent School Management Review to provide as assessment tool for schools to reach growth targets
  9. Developed Commercial Liability Group Insurance for OFIS members
  10. Worked in cooperation with other school assocations to reverse government decision to alter the NOI form with respect to teacher qualifications and school insurances
  11. Formed partnership with York University to provide School Leadership courses that will eventually be provincially accredited
  12. Provided public assessment on provincial auditor-general’s report on Ministry of Education oversight of private schools (December 2013)

OFIS continues to work towards the following achievements which will help independent schools graduate well-prepared, productive members of society and assist with keeping overall provincial education values high:

  1. Growing the number of partnerships OFIS has with other independent school associations, professional associations and provincial groups to create a greater collective of people advocating for equitable treatment for all students in the province regardless of what kind of school they attend and to increase public awareness for the valuable contributions independent schools make to the province
  2. Pursuing public awareness activities, media campaigns and government advocacy to achieve legal recognition and fair funding for independent education.
  3. Creating a network of regional support groups for OFIS schools to discuss school issues, share resources and ideas
  4. Encouraging the Ontario government to include independent schools in collective provincial deals for all school resources (transportation, textbooks, computer support, copyright access, e-learning resources, online resources etc.)
  5. In partnership with other private school associations, laying the important groundwork towards the eventual development of a Private Schools Act for Ontario

Government Issues Currently Being Addressed By OFIS – May 2015