Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

a) to connect independent schools in a network that shares resources, provides professional development for school leaders, offers administrative and policy support
b) to advocate for access to government education resources making them available to independent schools
c) to protect and support true parental choice in education by providing public information and ensuring independent schools’ right to reasonable self-definition
d) to encourage greater public awareness and appreciation for independent schools’ contributions to the provincial educational landscape by promoting standard-setting leadership in member schools

Our Vision

OFIS provides visible, standard-setting leadership to member independent schools that promotes excellence, justice, choice, and equal opportunity in education for all children

Membership in OFIS is open to all schools, educational associations and individuals who agree with and support true parental choice in education and desire to develop school integrity through standard-setting leadership in schools, and so covenant to undertake and actively work towards the following core values:

Our Core Values

1. We value the importance of providing transparent vision, mission & values, supported by an educational philosophy and objectives.

2. We value the importance of hiring proven and qualified instructors and administrators, who agree to uphold and deliver upon the school’s stated vision, mission & values promised to families and students.

3. We value diversity in published and applied policies with respect to race, colour, creed, ethnicity and ability.

4. We value open disclosure and implementation of clearly developed, published policies and procedures on all school operational issues including admissions, education standards, student assessment, human resources, evaluation & reporting practices, sound financial practices, withdrawal, suspension & expulsion.

5. We value effective classroom management strategies, orderly curricular scope & sequence planning and accurate record keeping resulting in on-going improvement in student knowledge, ability and achievement.

6. We value sound administrative and personnel management practices, which include strategic planning, policy development, clearly defined job descriptions, performance-based job reviews and professional development.

7. We value financial accountability through sound financial practices, prudent financial management, transparent budget preparation and reporting practices and short and long-term financial planning.

8. We value ethical conduct through fair business practices, clear and published school policies & procedures about expectations of all members of school communities (staff, parents, teachers, students, donors).

9. We value legal compliance through knowledge of, and adherence to, all applicable municipal, regional, provincial and federal legislation and regulations, ensuring an orderly, purposeful, and safe school environment.

10. We value a cooperative spirit through a demonstrated acceptance of, respect for, and a practiced commitment to fellow independent education providers in OFIS and beyond.