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The Bush Brother Everyone’s Watching Now

November 7 2013 – Inside Agenda Blog – Steve Paikin
Florida Governor Jeb Bush was in town at the end of October talking about education reform. After he became governor in 1999, he discovered he’d taken over a sclerotic education system that was failing kids, dominated by unions, and suffering from the tragedy of low expectations.

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Doing Away With The Honour Roll & Award System In Schools Is Absurd

November 3 2013 – The HuffPost Living Canada

No more honour roll. No more awards ceremonies. While it may only be Calgary’s St. Basil School in the spotlight now, there is little doubt that countless other schools and districts will — or have already — taken active steps to eliminate all evidence that the world is in fact a competitive place, and that performance is variable.

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Archived Stories – 2010 in Review!

12/15/10 – “Government To Scrap Key Piece Of Full Day Kindergarten Plan” – Toronto Star

10/22/10 – Ministry of Education – Presentation to OFIS AGM – Tony DiLena – Ontario Private Schools Coordinator
*Topics – Growing Success, Ministry Inspection Changes, NOI Updates
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5/07/10 – OCSAA AGM KEYNOTE ADDRESS – “The Challenges Facing Independent Schools” – Barb Bierman, ED – OFIS

Archived Stories – 2009 in Review!

11/5/09 – Full Day Kindergarten – Impact on Independent Schools? Ontario – *click here to see the whole interview

10/21/09 –  TDSB First To Hire Marketing Director To Lure Students Away From Independent Schools 
– Globe Mail – An all-boys public school for Toronto

8/20/0 –  ISAO/OFIS News Release – Education Minister’s “Scarlet Letter” For Independent Schools Indicts Her Own Government

8/11/09 – CBC News – Private School Grades To Be “Flagged” In Ontario – read the article

6/16/09 – OFIS NEWS RELEASE – Ontario’s New Education Plan Takes Parents Out Of The Equation

5/10/09 – Wondering About H1N1 And Your School?

4/8/09 – OFIS NEWS RELEASE – OFIS Responds To Ministry of Education Charge That Private Schools Give “Easy A’s”

3/26/09 – OFIS AGM KEYNOTE ADDRESS – “The Perfect Storm Of Education” – Barb Bierman, ED

06/17/09 – Click To Read The Article! – Two Tier System Evolving For Special Ed – Toronto Star June 17 2009

MOE Memo – CLICK HERE! – MOE Memo – Proposed Elementary School Inspections – October 2009 
– CLICK HERE! – MOE Memo – Proposed Secondary School Inspection Changes – October 2009
– Click HERE! – MOE Memo – Additional Info – Secondary Schools – October 2009

Charles Pascal – Early Learning Report “With Our Best Future In Mind” – Impact Of Full Day Learning – June 15 2009
*CLICK HERE – To Read Summary Report
*CLICK HERE – To Read The Full Report