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Pandemic Pivot – Christian Independent Schooling During the Initial 2020 Lockdown

The social, emotional, academic, and economic implications of the global COVID-19 pandemic will be studied for years to come. This paper reports how these schools pivoted from offering face-to-face education to remote learning from March to June 2020.

Full article can be found here

Private schools reeling after being excluded from Canada’s emergency wage subsidy

In many provinces, private schools are seen as businesses or non-profits. Most provinces partially subsidize private schools, the main exception being Ontario


Debating The Merits Of Independent School Funding

CBC’s The 180 With Jim Brown 

invited special guests David King, former Alberta Education Minister and Barb Bierman, OFIS Executive Director to debate the merits of independent school funding on his show.  read more

Private Schools Seeing Increase In Interest

“Local private schools say they’re seeing an uptick in interest as labour battles at public school boards drag on”

Watch the video:“Private Schools Seeing Increase In Interest”

Read the article: Priah Mann – Featuring Barb Bierman, ED of OFIS

Business As Usual For Ontario’s Private Schools

News Release – Barb Bierman, ED of OFIS

Threat of Lingering Labour Disruption in Ontario’s Public Schools Boosts Inquiries And Tours In Private Schools read more

How To Choose The Best Private School


Toronto Star – Sharon Aschaiek
Read the article here: “How To Choose The Best Private School In Ontario For Your Child” read more

Private Schools Have The Toughest Accountability Partners – Parents


Our Kids Media – Barb Bierman, OFIS Executive Director read more

Accusations About Independent Schools Nothing More Than Fear-Mongering


“Accusations About Independent School Credits Nothing More Than Fear‐Mongering To Boost Enrolment At Public Schools”

Media Response to Toronto Star – Barb Bierman – OFIS – Executive Director read more

Not Easy To Argue Against School Choice


Media Response to Toronto Star & Toronto Sun articles – Barb Bierman – OFIS – Executive Director
read more