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Here Comes The 24/7 Classroom

January 4 2018 – Convivium – Peter Stockland – Will private tutoring re-configure learning?

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Guelphites Like Choice When It Comes To Schools

January 19 2015 – Bob Moore – Guelph Mercury – Guelph is known as a city that values alternatives. Alternative medicine practitioners thrive in Guelph. Community endeavours and co-ops exist in all the major market sectors, most notably Co-operators Insurance. So it should be no surprise that Guelph also hosts quite a few independent schools totalling almost 1,000 students.

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Ontario Private School And Storefront Daycares Operate In Legal Loophole

November 30 2013 – Toronto Star – Marco Chown Oved
“Until 1993, preschool programs affiliated with private schools could exist without having to be licensed as a daycare. The government closed the loophole that year, but allowed existing programs to continue operating without a daycare licence.”

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Doing Away With The Honour Roll & Award System In Schools Is Absurd

November 3 2013 – The HuffPost Living Canada

No more honour roll. No more awards ceremonies. While it may only be Calgary’s St. Basil School in the spotlight now, there is little doubt that countless other schools and districts will — or have already — taken active steps to eliminate all evidence that the world is in fact a competitive place, and that performance is variable.

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Victory For Parents


Sun News Media – VIDEO – Brian Lilley highlights one example that shows parents who are sick of what’s going on in schools can spur change.  All they have to do is fight back. – watch here

TDSB Considers Muting Music Programs To Balance Budgets


Globe & Mail – Education Reporter – Kate Hammer
“It’s business as usual in private schools but public boards are tackling a nearly $30-million deficit, and staff suggested in a recent budget report that savings could be found by cutting back on the hours of instruction students get with itinerant music instructors, musicians who lead bands, string and steel pan groups for students in Grade 5 through 8.
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What Do Mothers Say About K-12 Education?


Milton Friedman Foundation For School Choice – As Americans prepare to honor mothers this Sunday, a new poll finds that 66 percent of moms with school-age children support vouchers for all students to obtain the best education possible. Mothers with school-age children also have more confidence in private school settings than in traditional public schools. – read more

How To Choose The Best Private School


Barb Bierman, ED of OFIS is quoted in this article

“How To Choose The Best Private School In Ontario For Your Child” – Toronto Star – Sharon Aschaiek

Choose Freely

All parents ought to be able to freely, and without financial penalty, choose the type of education that conforms to the beliefs and traditions of the home. All children are important to the future of Ontario and deserve the support of their government as they acquire an education that prepares them for responsible citizenship.

Parents are the people best-qualified people to choose the school that is best for their children. Only some of those choices are honoured by the provincial government through taxation. Any parents not choosing publicly funded schools are left to raise tuition money on their own in addition to paying taxes to systems they don’t use.

*Parents have the primary responsibility for directing the education of their children

*Government should protect the public interest by establishing educational standards for literacy, numeracy and civic-mindedness

*Democracy blooms throught educational diversity and choice

*It is in the best interest of society for government to provides equal and fair treatment for all students receiving an education that meets the standards for realizing the public good

Confused, Concerned

“In our home, back to school time is always made more exciting by the prospect of school sports.  My own kids play football and field hockey and our games often see scouts from universities coming to check out players.  It’s important to their futures and they take it seriously.  So, they’ve been on the fields every night since school started.  Until today. read more