PC Party Proposes Flexible Child Care Plan

April 29 2018 – Toronto Sun – Liz Braun – “a new tax rebate that will help cover child care expenses regardless of whether that care is a licensed daycare, a nanny, an after-school program or a babysitter. The choice will be up to the parents”

“The new Ontario Conservatives’ childcare rebate will cover children until they reach the age of 15, and work on a sliding scale that will see low-income families recoup as much as 75% of childcare costs. (Families earning over $150,000 would be at the other end of the equation, and could expect to see 26% of such expenses covered.)”

“Doug Ford’s plan will cost $389 million annually and begin Jan. 1, 2019 — one year earlier than the Liberal and NDP plans.”

“The PC plan offers more immediate relief and more choice for families to find daycare solutions that work for them.”

Editor’s Note: This tax rebate is very similar to the previous Equity in Education Tax Credit made available to private school parents in 2001 under previous PC Premier Mike Harris. It was retroactively repealed by Dalton McGuinty following the 2003 provincial election when he became premier.

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