Relax! Nothing Really New About The ‘New’ Private Schools Policy & Procedures Manual!

Dave Bird – OFIS Professional Development Coordinator

Late in August, 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Education Field Services Branch quietly released a Private Schools Policy and Procedures Manual online. At 115 pages, it’s certainly the lengthiest document that we’ve ever seen, but it’s nothing new.

There have been no legislative changes, no regulatory changes, and not even any new policy/program memoranda issued. It’s simply a compilation of what’s always been. There are references to all of our favourite words (penalties, restrictions, fees, denials, revocations and fines) but only as a compilation of existing legislation, regulation and policy.

To suggest that this manual could “fundamentally change the relationship between private schools and the Ministry” or that this manual “is a game-changer for private schools” is simply and irresponsibly alarmist. Relax.

OFIS will be attending the London Regional Information Session next week, and will then be further informing all member schools of any further developments. We really don’t expect any.

And, in the meanwhile, please attend October 18th’s MOE Information Session with Tony DiLena in Burlington, where we’ll focus our discussion on Day Nurseries Act compliance, the issues of campuses and a permanent principal, and other more interpretative specifics that are more immediately of concern. You can register here

Keeping up to date with legal and government compliance expectations is nearly a full time job in private schools!  So consider registering also for one of our upcoming conference days being held in 3 locations around the province. We’re offering 3 x 3 hour Legal Solutions Policy Workshops that will embrace your top current concerns. Register here!   

In the meanwhile, don’t lose perspective. The Private Schools Policy and Procedures Manual is simply collective, not in any way newly creative. Don’t believe otherwise.

Hope to see you all in October and November.

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