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Prestige School

School Address: 21 Eddfield Avenue
Mailing: , Toronto, ON, M2M 2M5
Phone: 416-250-0648
Admin: Principal, Olga Margold
OFIS ID#: 111009
Campus 2: Richmond Hill Campus - 11 Headdon Gate, Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9W9
School Contact: Olga Margold

The Prestige School offers an enriched education that nurtures critical thinking, character building, and leadership development. Grounded in knowledge of individual learning profiles for each student, teachers develop mentoring relationships within small classes that prepare each student for success.

Additional Association:
Years In Operation: 13
Grades: Preschool - 12
Average Tuition Cost: $9250 - $14,000

Current NOI/DNL: Yes
General Liability Insurance: Yes
Standardized Testing: Yes
Policies Published & Available: Yes
Tuition Agreements Signed: Yes
Fax: 416-250-5873
Enrollment: 250
Members of OCT: Yes
Background Checks (Staff & Volunteers): Yes
OFIS/YORK PSP Courses: Yes
OFIS School Management Review: No