Not Easy To Argue Against School Choice


Media Response to Toronto Star & Toronto Sun articles – Barb Bierman – OFIS – Executive Director

It must be an election year because educational improvement is always a hot election issues and the politicians and journalists are now trudging out all the old fear‐mongering misperceptions and partial research findings in an effort to convince us that any kind of government supported school choice will destroy public education and society as we know it. Both The Toronto Star (Saving Public Education: Too Many Choices – 03‐25‐11) and The Toronto Sun (Breaking Up Our School System – 03‐19‐11) have published recent articles about school board’s growing pressure to increase the program choices for parents when it comes to educating their children in an effort to keep families “bound” to a school system.

Download the entire article here: 03-28-11 – BB – A Reason The Argument Isn’t Easy