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PSP – Private School Leadership Courses

Are These Courses For You? – Private school leaders are confronted daily with complex challenges unique to their private school roles and environments. Directly accountable to the provincial Ministry of Education, these leaders must skillfully balance individual student educational needs with provincial curriculum standards, must meticulously plan and implement financial budgets, and must capably manage school revenues and expenses and meet a growing number of legal and government compliance expectations, while all the time meeting the needs of the many stakeholders (students, families, staff, governors, and community members) invested in their school’s success.

OFIS School Leadership Courses – Members Statement – November 2015

Participant Information

OFIS Proven Leadership – OFIS has been providing TWO highly informative, engaging and motivating courses specifically designed for prospective and current leaders in private school education since 2005. Each course consists of preparatory, interactive on-line, in-persona and action practicum sessions.

Where These Courses Are Offered – Depending on the interest of prospective participants, these courses will be offered in geographic locations most conducive to those participants.

Course Instructors – Well-educated and well-experienced instructors, with a background in private school education and leadership, provide a balanced practical and theoretical delivery model, supplemented by appropriately specialized guest speakers. To ensure ample opportunity for candidate interactions and to protect the integrity of the small group adult learning model, registrations will be strictly limited to a maximum of 20 candidates per session.

Course Outlines

PSP I – has been developed in accordance with, and to prioritize, the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Leadership Framework for Principals and Vice-Principals. Successful candidates will be expected to successfully demonstrate the Leadership Framework Competencies (skills, knowledge and attitudes) necessary to promote high levels of student achievement, to reduce gaps in student achievement, and to increase public confidence in private education. Such demonstration will be required through all of the preparatory, interactive on-line, in-person and action practicum sessions.

Necessary technological skills will include familiarity with word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, and Basecamp
*On-line active engagement (support for familiarity can be provided).

PSP I  – Leader Practices and Competencies – developing the skills of soon-to-be or recently appointed private school principals and will specifically address the following topics and issues:

  • Private Schools: History, Overview, Politics and Public Perception
  • The Changing Role of the Principal
  • Leadership and Communication Styles/Setting Directions
  • Staffing the School/Building Relationships and Developing People
  • Creating and Engaging School Communities
  • The Principal as Business Manager/Best Business Practices/Developing the Organization
  • The Principal as Academic Leader/Leading the Instructional Program
  • Promotion, Marketing and Advertising
  • Legal Compliance/Securing Accountability

Successful completion of PSP I is followed by an Action Practicum; a structured leadership and educational experience that involves observation and a practical leadership project. Candidates will identify a specific leadership project with respect to the role of the principal, to which they will apply appropriate legislation, regulation, private school policy and related research and theory. The practicum must apply to the private school setting and must be mentored by a PSP Course instructor or a pre-approved practicing qualified private school principal. It is expected that the practicum will involve a documented minimum of 60 hours of preliminary study, professional research, process analysis and written report.

PSP II – System Practices and Procedures – providing an exploration of the independent school leader’s responsibilities that is more in depth, and with the benefit of their accumulated experiences and wisdom, the practical aspects of principalship, examined in the light of current research and theories. Contemporary educational issues, applied to and discussed in the context of real case scenarios, will be the focus of Part II. Candidates will be expected to draw from and to share their own experiences, in mutually beneficial small group environments, structured for the professional development of all. Facilitation will be the preferred method of instruction.

PSP I & II – Course Outlines – 2016

Course Details

Course readings and other resources will be determined by course module instructors and will represent a broad cross-section of widely divergent theories and practices. Because of the increasingly large and constantly evolving body of professional knowledge regarding effective private educational leadership, it is expected that these readings and other resources will continually evolve.

*All Course Days run from 9am-4pm and include these breaks approximately: 10:15am-10:30am break, 12:00noon – 1:00pm lunch, and 2:45-3:00 pm
*Instructors and guest speakers have been approved by the OFIS board of directors
*Course modules have been developed by instructors under the direction or oversight of OFIS.

Readings and other resources are determined by course module instructors, and identified in individual course modules. As there continues to be a currently large and constantly evolving body of professional knowledge about effective leadership, it is expected that readings and other resources will continually evolve.

Upcoming Courses & Costs

6 instructional days/35 hours online – October 13-15 AND October October 27-29 – Fall 2018
*9:00-4:00 each day – Location – Upper York School – Markham, ON

6 instructional days/35 hours online – November 10-12 AND November 24-26 – Fall 2018
*9:00-4:00 each day – Location – Upper York School – Markham, ON

Course Cost – 
$ 2000 – OFIS Members
$ 2500 – Non-Members
*includes all instruction, course materials & resources, refreshments, parking, and action practicum (additional $1000 consultation value)


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What Recent Participants Are Saying About PSP Courses!

“I feel like I now have the information I need to begin feeling confident with a position of leadership in a private school.”

“I have friends that have taken PQP and we have had in depth discussions comparing it with this PSP course. This course offers more – it offers PQP content, as well as private school pertinent information. It is more suited for those of us in the private sector because of the added business component.”