What Does OFIS Sponsorship Look Like?

OFIS has a keen interest in providing its membership with convenience and effectiveness.  By connecting with sponsors that provide great products, resources and/or services, OFIS provides a valuable service to its member schools as they strive for more growth and greater success.  A business or organization that provides products, services or resources with specific educational or business value to independent schools and who provide a legitimate added-value to member schools through special pricing and/or unique programming and who routinely conduct their own business in a legally and ethically sound manner are eligible to be OFIS sponsors. 

Since there are so many such organizations contacting OFIS for sponsorship possibilities, it is imperative that OFIS use an effective process for determining which organizations make the best sponsors, meaning they provide the best value and most important services, products or resources to member schools.  OFIS saves time for member schools by inviting sponsors to be involved this way.  If member schools can count on an OFIS endorsement of a company or its product, less time is required to find that company or product individually.  Having business sponsorships provides an additional revenue stream to OFIS thereby keeping membership fees reasonable so that more schools find this association accessible.

Sponsorship Criteria

Business’/organizations that become OFIS sponsors will demonstrate the following:
a) provision of a product/service/resource that is discerned by the Executive Director and/or OFIS board to have demonstrable educational or business value unique to independent schools
b)  willingness to provide a legitimate added-value(s) to OFIS and its member schools through special pricing, event sponsorship (OFIS sponsors will receive the added-value of brand access via mailings and events as well as preferred referral services from OFIS to member schools).
c) legal and ethical soundness in conducting their own business’/organizations (OFIS does not assume any legal responsibility for business agreements signed between member schools and sponsors).

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