OFIS - The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools - is a legally incorporated, duly constituted service association for independent schools, established in 1974....

    "Parents have a prior right to FREELY choose the kind of education that shall be given to their child" – 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26, Section 3...

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    Funding For Independent Schools
    Should Ontario provide financial relief to parents who send their children to independent schools?

Welcome to OFIS

From The OFIS Office

    The OFIS Office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Staff are frequently away from the office on schools visits and consultations - messages can be left by both voicemail and email which are monitored regularly.      

What is OFIS?

OFIS is the largest, fastest growing, most diverse independent school association. We exist to:

  • connect  independent schools in a network that shares resources, provides professional development for school leaders, offers administrative and policy support
  • advocate  for access to government education resources making them available to independent schools
  • protect and support true parental choice in education by providing public information and ensuring independent schools’ right to reasonable self-definition
  • encourage greater public awareness and appreciation for independent schools’ contributions to the provincial educational landscape by promoting standard-setting leadership in member schools

Fall Learning Day - Eastern Ontario

October 16 2014 - 10am-9pm - Holiday Inn Kingston - Waterfront - New legislative, regulatory and ministerial expectations for private school leaders. Join us for a long but invaluable day!

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Fall Learning Day - GTA

October 17 2014 - 10am-9pm - Holiday Inn Burlington - Hotel & Conference Centre - New legislative, regulatory and ministerial expectations for private school leaders. Join us for a long but invaluable day!

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Day Nursery Act Compliance Workshop - GTA

Policy Development Workshop – October 15 2014 – 10am-4pm - (Please Note Date & Time Change!) - Holiday Inn Burlington – Hotel & Conference Centre – Join us for a full-day workshop which includes all meals, refreshments, resources and free parking!

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Seeking School Choice (And Not Just For Catholics)

September 5 2014 - National Post - Chris Selley - "Politically speaking, the system will become too absurdly anachronistic and unfair for even dozy Ontarians to ignore. And at that point there will be a choice at hand: Does Ontario merge the public and Catholic systems or as many activists and provincial greens support? Or does it widen the choice, as BC and other provinces do?

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Bill 143 - Impact For Private School Early Learning Programs

February 20 2014 - Private School Owners & Operators Meet Regularly To Respond To Bill 143 - Bill 143, the Child Care Modernization Act , was tabled by the provincial government on December 3 2014. It began debate on February 18 2014.  There is opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback to the government on this bill before March 14 2014 and opposition parties are also looking to hear from those affected. Parents deserve real choice. Private schools are committed to offering the best, highest quality education that parents require. Private schools are happy to be part of a public consultation process on a bill that really works to keep kids safe.

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